The Hyper-Sub

Redefining Small, Submersible Technology

By combining the long-range, high speeds of a surface craft with the deep diving capabilities of a submarine, the HyperSub is a true first-of-its-kind innovation.


Because it is a speedboat, the HyperSub can be deployed quickly and conveniently from nearly any dock, beach or other typical launch location. Once on the water, the HyperSub can quickly transit to a desired location and, with the flip of a few switches, transition into a submarine.

This ease of deployment eliminates the need for costly surface vessel support.

The HyperSub achieves this through two major breakthroughs in submersible technology: Hyper-Buoyancy and Modular Design. These two concepts have resulted in an incredibly safe, cost-effective, and scalable submersible watercraft that redefines submersible technology.


Hyper-Buoyancy controls and compartmentalizes the lift inherent in the HyperSub which creates unprecedented improvements in performance and safety. The HyperSub has over 30,000 lbs of lift that can be accessed on demand which creates abilities unseen in any other submersible.

Hyper-Buoyancy is what gives the HyperSub surface craft functionality and it also gives it its unmatched safety features, including:

  • With 30,000 lbs. of lift, separated in 8 different compartments, the HyperSub can still return to the surface, in a controlled way, even in the event of total systems failure, including electronics, hydraulics and other functionality. 
  • When submerged, the Hyper-Buoyancy of the HyperSub allows for very rapid ascent capability if needed in an emergency. 
  • The Hyper-Sub can return to the surface even if the cabin were completely flooded. 
  • The Hyper-Sub, if inverted during extreme weather conditions, can submerge and right itself. 
  • The Hyper-Sub can return its cabin to a position ABOVE the waterline, ending any crisis due to through-hull penetration failure.

Modular Design

One of the most unique features of the HyperSub is its modular design. The HyperSub is essentially two main components, the Sea-Frame and the Dry Chamber(cabin).

The Sea-Frame of the HyperSub consists of four main components: ballasts, engine, batteries and dive chamber. This is the functional base unit of the HyperSub responsible for its surface and submersible operations.

The Dry Chamber itself is completely scalable, upgradable and customizable to suit the end-users specific requirements and demands. The HyperSub cabin can be customized to suit nearly any desired usage; adjustments can be made to the cabin to accommodate more passengers, cargo, crew, battery payload and any number of options designed to meet specific criteria for the end-user.

This allows the Hyper-Sub to be customized to serve nearly any potential functionality. As a military transport designed for mission requirements or as a personal watercraft designed for comfort and luxury, and every possibility in between.

This modular design allows the end-user to have one Sea-Frame base unit, and then be able to quickly and easily swap out Dry Chambers for different purposes. Essentially creating the ability to have a variety of submarine platforms with one base unit, giving the end user the option to have multiple types of submarines in one.

The HyperSub is truly a plug and play platform.