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7 hours ago

Campaign 2018 seems to be off to a roaring start! Trying to finalize a few details for an announcement next week! Thanks to all who have been sharing this link! www.teamhypersub.com/campaign-2018/

With the economy booming once again, it is time to bring this incredible machine to market. Campaign 2018 is a grass roots effort to raise the capital to begin the promotion of the Hyper-Sub so that ... See more

4 days ago

Over 100 shares and 2,000 views! We appreciate everyone who has been helping us spread the word!

Our 2018 Hyper-Sub Campaign Intro Video is finally here! Please “Like” and “Share” with your friends! 2018 is our year and it’s time for us to push to secure our first Hyper-Sub sale! ... See more

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