Because of its modular design, the HyperSub is an incredibly versatile watercraft suited to a wide array of markets.

With the ability of the dry chamber to be customized, the HyperSub can be tailor-made to a variety of requirements and specifications that is ideal for both public and private industry.

Port and Canal Security

The HyperSub is ideally suited to support the safety and security of ports, harbors, canals and rivers. Because the HyperSub is both a high-speed surface vessel and a submersible, it can serve a dual function as both surface and underwater patrol.

Its capabilities allow it to monitor and survey these security critical areas from above and below the surface, giving it the ability to perform ship hull scanning for explosives, detect unauthorized submerged ingress, conduct underwater inspections and perform surface patrol.

Oil and Gas Industry

The HyperSub is ideal for shallow water survey and pipeline inspections. When these inspections and surveys are done with a typical submersible, it requires a large surface vessel and full crew to transport, deploy, support and retrieve the vessel. All at a very considerable expense.

Having the HyperSub as part of your operations can accomplish this at a fraction of the cost and time.

Tourism and Hospitality

Tourist companies and resorts that wish to offer their clientele an unmatched underwater experience can do so without the expense involved in deploying and recovering a standard submersible.

With the HyperSub, deployment can take place from nearly any beach or boat dock. You’ll transport your passengers comfortably and quickly to their preferred dive destination and then easily submerge for an unbelievable deep-sea experience.

Government and Military

The capabilities of the HyperSub make it a perfect solution for many government and military operations.
The modular design makes it easy to change out the dry chamber to meet the requirements of each mission. In addition, the HyperSub is easily deployed, has extreme shallow water functionality and has the ability to recharge its dive systems while deployed.
These characteristics make the HyperSub ideal for a range of operations, including:

  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR)
  • Non-combatant Evacuation Operations (NEO)
  • Special Operations Forces deliver (SOF)
  • Covert Missions or Resupply
  • Submerged Target Detection
  • Electronic Warfare (EW/ES)

Scientific Exploration

The HyperSub operates at a fraction of the cost of typical research submersibles. In addition, the dry chamber can be customized and outfitted to the specific exploratory and research needs.

Search and Rescue/Recovery

The HyperSub performs exceptionally well in bad sea states and makes an excellent support vessel for emergency responders.

With the right customization, the HyperSub can be outfitted with all the necessary equipment and resources to respond rapidly to a life-threatening emergency situation.

Private Ownership

The HyperSub can be designed as a luxury watercraft, customized with all the details and amenities you would expect in a high-end vessel.